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Orangeville Community Outreach

An organization dedicated to uplifting the quality of life for the citizens of Orangeville Township and Southwest Barry County. We cannot change the world, but we can change the world around us.

Due to the outbreak of the virus  we are  starting the  line for food at 6:00 A.M. though 8 :00 A.M. Please stay in your cars and don’t bring baskets the food will be already boxed up. Food will be still on the 1 st. and 3rd Wednesdays Thank-you for your  patience .

Thank you Gun Lake Community Church for the donation from Charity Chase Run. 


 Due to current outbreak of the virus. There will be no Charity Golf Outing  this year . We hope to see all of you  next year . Thank-you to all that have helped in the past years8-)